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Animation MD www.AnimationMD.com

NETMedia has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ed Perper and Animation MD since 2002. Animation MD is in the business of creating 3d Medical Animation for scientific research and commercial demonstration.

The latest iteration of the web site was the culmination of months of work in collaboration with the entire animation MD Staff. The goal was to deliver animations in Flash, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player so that all potential client computer platform could see the demo reels. The web site was a combination of Flash, traditional HTML and JAVA scripts, keeping the design simple, clean and corporate. The about us page presents the work flow process used by the development staff in an extremely elegant fashion using JAVA rollovers.

NETMedia continues to maintain and host the web site.


Alternative Medicine Pain Management www.ampmcenter.com

NETMedia was hired by Dr. Connie Haber to redesign her 1st generation web site in 2003. The goal was to provide information about alternative pain therapies provided by the clinic and services to patients coming from a distance, this included directions, information about local hotels and pdf downloads of forms used in the intake process at the clinic reducing wait times. After the successful redesign and short training sessions the in house staff has taken over maintenance of the web site. Buttons have been changed from from the original and some formatting is not the same as the original site but it does work for them.


The BoxLunch www.boxlunch.com
The BoxLunch Franchise www.boxlunchfranchise.com
Sandwich Specialist Inc.

NETMedia has had the pleasure of working with the BoxLunch and Owen & Kathy Macnutt, owners of the Boxlunch, since 1996 developing the online presence of The Boxlunch and Sandwich Specialists Inc.. The goal of the web site was to establish an online presence for the Sandwich shop, to provide clients with a menu and little information about the shop. As the Boxlunch grew and added new Franchise locations a web presence needed to be established for Sandwich Specialist Inc. and for potential Franchisees to explore the opportunity that the Boxlunch is.

Additionally, Owen is quite the camera buff and with a small amount of consulting help from NETMedia produced and maintains another web site www.AtticCamera.com. The web site is used to display his items on ebay and as an informational site about camera's. NETMedia host this site.

NETMedia continues to maintain and host the web sites.