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Michele Andolina
Mr. Mike Andolina
President & Gen. Mgr.
NETMedia USA Tech.

Web Site Development Services: we are please to offer complete web development services including, but not limited to, Web Design, Domain Purchase, Hosting, Data Base development, e-commerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), on going maintenance, and assisted web development consultation. What this means is that we can provide you with everything for a successful web presence.

Hosting Services: NETMedia can and does provide hosting services for it's web development customers. We do not provide ad hock hosting, in other words we do not allow independant develpoment on our web servers. Our web server sits on a T3 connection which means we can serve it as fast as anyone can download it.

Graphic Design Services: NETMedia does logo design, branding, and something we like to call "Brand Spanking". We have designed book covers, brochures, and newsletters for print and digital consumption. Sometimes in the development of a web site the graphic elements take on a fresh and dynamic new approach for the client. These elements can easily be revved up for print. Then those elements in higher resolution

Database Development: NETMedia has been developing Databases since the 1980s utilizing DB engines like 4D, Filemake and more recently SQL and MYSQL. Databases can be as simple as names and addresses or complete CMS (Contact Management Systems).

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